Morning world

Well I’m up, I have checked my stats.  Sold two more copies of Ice..which is cool.  For me sales are picking up.  Yeah 8 sales arent much but compared to none it is amazing.  Just had another whoop whoop *grin*  Flogged a couple of my Death walks through tales in a few places and then I need to get to work in writing and book covers and trailers of course.

I made up two yesterday.  Trailers are so fun to do.  A few more will be good to make today.

I seem to have a fan of my poetry too.  Actually had someone tell me to put together the poetry book I have been contemplating.  Oh and the cook book too.  It is amazing that people are now suggesting things to me.  Even have an editor who is willing to work with me on Nightmares.  That book is really getting long.  As of this morning we are at 42K or 123 pages of text and it still isn’t done.  Time to work on the battle.  It should be the last battle of the book.   Then I just have to do the conclusion with the lead in to the next one.  such fun!

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