Yup it is Friday.  The last day of the free promo of Distance Means Little to Love.  As of this morning over 200 people have taken advantage of the free read.  Now it would be nice if one or more of them decide to review it.  Yeah it is mommy smut.  I obviously can write a lot of stuff.  I will probably publish more of them if anyone decides they actually like the stuff.

I have put together the beginnings of three more covers.  The stories have been written for some time but I had to put together covers obviously.  Two of them are part of the Echoes of Elder Times short story series and the other of course is A Watery Grave, the third of the Guardians of the Gate City series.

Now my Harry stories seem to be popular.  I know that One More All Hallows Eve has been very popular with reviewers.

Decided on the creature that will be invading the temporary safety my heroes are in.  Just need to write it up, decide who will make it through the fight and then finish up.   Seven days till my self set deadline.  Here is hoping I can get the writing done by labor day and then start on a real read through and edit.  Well over a hundred pages of text which is a lot longer than I usually do.  And of course those pages are much bigger than they would be as a book.  It is in the novel length for sure now.

okay back to work.  Gonna be a bad air day so I can just sit and write and not do much else


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