A new day and still not sure

Woke up all ready to try and finish up Nightmare this morning.  After all I just need to have a monster break into the room that the heroes are hold up in, defeat said monster, maybe lose a couple of secondary characters, drag the damaged across the city to safely and write an epilogue right?  Still not sure if I should use an ogre or an elemental or maybe something a bit more exotic.  This story is set in the pacific northwest so I could pull in something from the cultures there right? Will just have to do some research and then write up those bits.

Meg still hasn’t gotten me those photos I need for Watery Grave so maybe I should just use what I have.  It wont be as nice as having an actual pic from Sandy Pond but what can I do?  I know I have readers for that series.  Never mind I really should make a bunch more covers and trailers.

still sleepy though.  Maybe i should snooze a bit till the kid wakes up.  After all once she is up I have to go out and get foodstuffs to feed my hungry family.  I could take pics on the walk over to the store…hmmm…who knows.  I will get stuff done.  Just do it at a slow pace today I think.
Had another download of Ice last night.  So looks like that is my biggest seller so far.  Odd but true.  People like my end of the world story.  And I have not a problem with that


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