Dreaming the scene

Yeah I do this a lot.  Lie down for a good nights sleep and wake up because a scene is stuck in my head.  Now that can be a good thing if it is in the tale you are currently working on right?  Well Yes and now.  I got part of a scene from the current book and part of a scene from the sequel.  Whoops!

Once was have our yearly inspection done I plan on doing a little baking and a lot of writing.  Getting the heroes out of the house they are in will be tricky.  Can’t go outside for 10 hours unless they want to be eaten by the hordes of ravenous Nightmares running about.  Hey I just realized I have a whole set of monsters but not a single actual Nightmare in this.  Hmmm.  Guess I could have one, after all a horse with flaming mane, tail and hooves would be interesting in a end of the world type tale.  Don’t want to go over board though.  AFter all the story is about how Avendale is trying to control Jeffery and take over the world.  She has done it before and is rather upset it isn’t working out the way she wanted.  Poor Villain.

Okay a little more neatening up before the super shows up and then I can sit back and write my fingers off.  Sold another story last night.  Glad I was to see Passing the Torch getting a download.  I posted that one up in May and it had downloads from the free promo but none after.  So maybe the other two from back then will see movement right?  Oh wait All Hallows all ready has.  That leaves Night and Day.

The smut is doing well with free promo copies being downloaded in all the countries on my kindle list.  That is nice.  Had 125 as of 6am.  So it is working.  Now to hope for some reviews and of course paying customers.  This week has been a banner week so far with three downloads.  That is better than I had been doing.  So who knows maybe people are noticing my little worlds.



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