Whoa I can’t believe this

Okay I have been being a bit lazy but having fun looking up my book stats.  And guess what?  My free for the next few days erotic collection, Distance Means Little to Love has actually placed higher on the list of mommy porn than 50 Shades of Grey!  I could not believe it when I saw that.  Not to say that it is doing better over all but in that subgenre I am doing better.

As I said in my last post my books are doing okay in the tagged category.  I may not make any money yet but I am getting a rank.  It is a start.

Been tossing around a title for the new book .  We seem to be on A Fall to Nightmare right now.  Could be good.  Still needs tweeks though.

Book titles are difficult for sure.

3 comments on “Whoa I can’t believe this

  1. Book titles (well, story titles in my case, nothing has turned into a book yet!) fascinate me. Sometimes I just can’t get one out of my head until the story has been finished. Usually then what happens is that on re-reading, a phrase will jump out and call to me to use it. Alternatively, the muse has struck and given me a story title and then the whole story has unfolded from that origin. I guess the point is, not to force it, it will happen when it’s right!

    p.s. I like A Fall to Nightmare!

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