My day off or I don’t want to write today

Yes I know blogging is writing but so?  Decided that since I picked up one of the many hardcovers I don’t have I will just sit back and read for a while.  If I look back and realize I have written 22K of words in the past two weeks on Chaos war I realized I do need a little break.  Yesh yesterday I spent some time writing, mostly editing though.  And then I went out with the family to get the kid her school shoes and clothing.  Since we took a bus it took a lot longer than most times.  When we got home after seven I just said enough.  Looked around in my emails and then curled up and went to bed.  So today I am gong to relax and read and then if i am up to it I will dive back into the next chapter of my book.

Okay I will probably dive back in by lunch.  After all I need to get Avendale’s POV in the book before the end of the book right?  And get a nice cliff hanger set up for the second book to take over once I dive into it.  There is all ready 10K in the second book waiting to be written.  Never mind all that wonderful fun stuff in my other books.



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