Fog covers it all

Yesterday it was dim and dark, today the fog covered everything and a bluejay cried out through the mist.  Yeah a bit evocative but that is what I see out my window.  I might use those images when I get Jessica out of the hands of the Drinkers.  It would fit the mood that the world has descended into in Chaos war.  The sun will shine again but the world will be different.  That is what happens when the world ends and starts a new reality right?

As I work through this novel I find that the characters are growing like I hoped.  They are different than they were when I started this story back in 99.  I have grown as a person, as have the people I based Jeffery, Gregory and Jessica on.  Now the characters though are growing in their own ways.  They stopped being a reflection of the people they were within a chapter or three of the story.  Yeah I need to go in and break up this monster into chapters.  It will make posting it easier and easier for the readers.  Yes I can write things with chapters, Sins and Shadows proved that, as did Endings and Revenge.  I admit I have been doing shorts a lot but that is what i had the time and inspiration for.  If I can finish the first Chaos War book by Labor Day I will be willing to dive into Whether to Save Face or Family and finally get the rescue going for Destiny.  That poor girl has been trapped in the dungeon of the demon lord too long.  Having a mostly powerless goddess for a room mate isn’t enough I think.

After than of course I should work on Traveller and get the true beings who set the whole troubles in action for the Fire Maids.  And of course there is also the Price of Freedom.  Those four sisters trapped by the cyborg human who wants them bound to him and to be able to use their unique abilities to make money…that one is one of my few true science fiction stories.

Okay time to type up notes and go shopping.


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