Looks like a wet morning

Well I got a lot of writing done yesterday on the plus side.  Book one of Chaos war is well on the way to novel length.  Which is a good thing.  It will show I can write longer stuff.  Especially to those who have reviewed my short stories as being too short.  Course when something is listed as a short story it is going to be short right?

Still on a title search though.  Why do I have so much trouble with titles and names?  Something that drives me nutty at times.  Now should it be something cliche like Darkness Rises or Out with a Whimper?  Nope.  Just not sure which was the title of the first book should go.  I should put this to my writing discussion groups.  Maybe one of them can come up with a good title.

I was surprised to see I have doubled my twitter followers…to four.  Yeah not a lot but hey a start is a start.  Guess I just need to keep using it like i do this place.  I enjoy babbling on this blog.  And I am glad you readers seem to enjoy what I babble about.

I need to get the pics from yesterday’s quick rainstorm off my camera and up to be looked at.  Kinda fun leaning out on the porch and getting images of flowers with water droplets on the petals.  Pretty soon all the pretty flowers will be gone for the season and I will have to really search for stuff to photograph.  Fall is a tad brown here.  okay a lot brown.  But I should not expect the brilliant colors here.  Wrong type of trees.  But they do have their own beauty.  The heavily laden branches holding pine cones can be rather cool as are the bright orange berries that just cover some of the trees.  I don’t have clue what they are but they are rather nice looking.

I would hunt more photos but it is supposed to rain heavy today.  It is so dark still at 7:30 in the morning that it feels almost like winter!  I know I should go shopping once the kid wakes up but I think I might just end up writing all day again.  We will see.


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