Thursday thursday

Okay so that doesn’t work as well as Monday Monday but hey I never said I was a song writer.

Last day of the free promo for Hope Everlasting.  I am hoping it will top 200 downloads which would be cool.  That and hoping for a few reviews.  Haven’t gotten any new ones in a while.   It would be nice to have a couple on each of my books.  After all there are readers who actually read reviews before they buy the books, so having a review or ten would help right?  So far on Hallows has five reviews.  Everything else is in the one or four.  Well those that have reviews.   Tomorrow Partings will start a two day promo that will finish up its five days.  KDP does 5 days of promo for a 90 day period, if you enroll the work in KDP.  I obviously have two books that can’t be exclusive to KDP.  The Knight Protector is Smashwords and I think the coupon on that one is over and of Course Endings is over on Kobo..but I am thinking of delisting it over there since it isn’t really coming up in the searches over there.  I will have to think about it for a while.

I have quite a bit of notes to type up on Chaos War and more bouncing around my head.  Be good to get them all typed up and maybe get to the needed step to rounding up that section of the story.  Where it is going will make me have to do a bit of rewriting on the second book, No Matter the Distance.  I am trying to decide whether or not to change the actual timeline a bit.  I started this story at the end of the 90s so the millennium had not taken off.  Now 12 years later I am not sure referring to the end of the millennium is a good idea.  Dates the story but it is also part of it.  I will decide sometime this month obviously. It would be a really good thing to actually put this story to bed by the long holiday weekend.  And I mean Labor day.  I still haven’t remembered the Canadian version name.

Doing a read through what I have and I realized that I haven’t really described my three main characters.  The villain, Avendale I have pretty much covered but I have only lightly alluded to my three heroes.  I will have to expand that in the story I think.  Just so people have a visual idea the differences in them.  Once the first book is done and we move to the new one that is set 15 years later it helps to understand the changes in the characters.  The second book is darker with the coming final battle and all.  But the things that are coming out about Jeffery has changed a few things.  Getting him to tell me his back story is hard.  A very difficult thing with a man who doesn’t know his true self.  A very deep character I think.  And yes by the end of the series he will remember who he really is.  Not who Avendale told him he was but who he was before she found him.

Okay time to type, to take pics of the birds in the backyard and feed the brat


4 comments on “Thursday thursday

  1. My friend, it sounds like you’re on the ball, ambitious, focused, and alive. May your diligence bring you more than you’ve imagined, and may the liberty and freedom you seek reveal itself from within your heart.

    Reviews are hard to get, but you sound like you’re doing very well and getting decent sales. Congratulations, and keep up the hard work.



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