Busy night

Yup I decided that if my brain would not function to write well that I might as well work on book covers.  And I was on a roll!  Put together five new covers.  Now they aren’t super fancy but they work for the stories they are meant for.  I am currently posting up The Words That Brings Peace.  This is a Death Walks Through short story.  Longer story and in my opinion a tad sadder.  I like writing them.  They are full of emotions in a snapshot.  Course Partings, the first of that series had a lot of interesting comments from readers and reviewers so I hope this one will find readers.

Still not a lot of sales.  I will take me a full year I think to qualify for a royalty check from Amazon.  You need to make a full $100 in a region to get a royalty check.  As of last months report I have about $3.  I know slow but hey I haven’t been published that long right?

Chaos war is moving along.  Last night I was tossing around and realized that the series should be called Chaos war and the book I am working on needs its own title.  Book one of what should only be a two book set.  The second book will be No Matter the Distance.  Yeah I know but that title has been ready for years.  I had started the prestory to that one thinking it would be a page or three.  Obviously it took off and it is currently closer to 40 pages of ms word text at 10 point.   Might actually make it to the official novel length.

Been trying to get used to using twitter.  Managed to get another follower over there.  A total of three.  So that isnt so bad right?  I just have to remember to use hashtags…remembering to type #whatever is fun but i will get used to it.  According to the other writers in my groups it is one more tool that you need to use if you wish to sell.

Okay time to get working.


3 comments on “Busy night

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