Okay that was interesting

Just looking at all the nice posts I have been getting from readers and was surprised that most of them came off of one post.  About Goodreads and Fanfiction.  Interesting that that one short blog post gets the attention.

Well almost to the point where I wanted to be in Chaos war.  Have Jessica in the hands of the vampires and the guys running to the rescue.  Yeah it is a little cliche to have the woman being kidnapped but well she hasn’t had any fighting skills as of yet.  And to be honest if you were the big nasty evil sorceress and there was to you a basic simple woman in the way of your all consuming desire wouldn’t you go after her over and over?  Avendale, the official total evil be acht really thinks if she takes out Jessica she will have Jeffery has her play toy and tool again.  Yeah right..not gonna happen.  At least if the characters let me write that is.

Introduced a new fun gay character.  The gayness is only a factor in how it throws Gregory for a loop.  He is a good third to the chosen ones but Gregory needs seasoning and to grow up a wee bit.  And Michael will help with that.  Being a good solid man who just happens to love to pretend to be a flamboyant gay man.

On the cover front Meggy has the photos I need for A Watery Grave.  Just has to get them from her phone to me.  Doesn’t sound too hard but Meggy isn’t that tech savvie.  That is what she has Paul for.  Here is hoping I get them before the weekend so I can get that story up.

I am thinking that if I don’t crash again I can do some other covers and get more work up on Amazon and ready for sale.  Had a nice bit of time with a non argument discussion on the boards about people who don’t like to work and stuff like that there.  Chiming in as a no longer working outside the home felt only slightly wrong.  But I have had my years of working in many many jobs where I seemed to be the one who was working hard and others weren’t so I chimed in.

okay time to get the food on the table for the family and then clean up and type up what I managed to write before i passed into the snoozefest


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