Two things done now to move on to something longer

Yup finished up A Watery grave.  All written and edited, going to make a cover once I get some images from my daughter of Sandy Pond.  Distance is all up and on Amazon now.  I have flogged it on a few of the discussion groups but just did that so I don’t expect anything yet.  That one had me all jittery.  While they are written well but they are adult fiction and very different from what else I write.  The cover came out nice and now if Amazon will just let me put in tags it will be all good.

I plan on go back over Whether to Save Face or Family and start working on it.  I have 54 pages on this one all ready.  This is definitely going to be a novel, not a short story.  The main character, Destiny is in a bad place.  Currently stuck in a dark cell in the hands of a Demon Lord.  There is a team gathered to get her free but I have to get them from one mountain to the other and then do the whole save the heroine battle.  She is a good character who can fight but one small woman against a demonlord?  Yeah right.  So we will see what I can do.

Course I also have Chaos war and the Balance war.  Both of these are a good length and yes they are two different stories in two different worlds.  The chaos war was set in a post millennium world that had a crash that wasnt expected.  And Balance war has the Gods of the Sun and the Moon fighting.  I like doing battles between darkness and light.  Course Light isn’t always the hero and dark not always the villain.  Yeah in When Shadows Rise, the Shadows were the villains but in Lord Sun and Lord Darkness (yup another story line) Darkness is the good guy…so we will see if I get these all moving forward.  I need to get things finished.  So many tales, so many in the works, I feel like my head overflowing.

Now on the erotic front if Distance sells then I will take the other 14 tales and put them into collections but only if the book sells.  I know there is a market for it but we all know I am not the best sales person.  I flog where I can and that is the best I can do for now.

Okay time to stop babbling and start writing.


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