Time to buckle down

Well Harry is getting ready for the battle.  Just need to get him in the water.  Yeah I plan on writing a lot today.  Hopefully finish up A Watery Grave and then edit edit edit again.  Luckily I tend to re-read and edit each time I open the file to work on it.  It lets me know where a sentence needs to be changed.

And the files came down for the erotic stories so I can work on those.  Getting them up to snuff wont be too hard.  Just have to change some of the wording, make them literary worth reading.  It will take some work and then I have to group them into five different collections.  Yeah I know that this is a bit of jumping on a bandwagon but I need the exposure…oh the awful pun there.  Covers will be tricky.  What can I put on the cover that wont be tacky really?  I am getting a bit knocked about on the Sacrifice cover and I understand why.  It doesn’t come across at all in the little postage stamp sized image that Amazon uses in the listing pages.  So I have to do something but I don’t want to lose the eyes.  They are important to the story after all.

Now I will probably put Sacrifice up for a free day, yes only one, just to get people to read and hopefully do a review on it.  Another of my shorty shorts but a good one I think.  Hope will go up free on the day I post up A Watery Grave.  Again just a single day this time.  I don’t want to just have free downloads.  I know plugging away and putting up as much as I can will someday actually get my work noticed, so I will keep doing it.

Time to work.   Just how bad should I have the Mari-morgens injure Harry?  He will get hurt, can’t help it when he has to fight them in their element but how bad?


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