Maybe I should…

Okay I know  I am a fiction writer.  Fantasy in all its twists and turns is my wheelhouse but damn there are days I really seriously think about putting out a cook book.  Now why would I want to do that you say?  Well see I have been doing a lot of experimentation since my mother in law passed.    She wasn’t a big fan of anything out of the basic food category and really really really didn’t like anything orange…unless it was peach that is.

So i have been digging out recipes and changing them.  Playing with the spices in them or some of the basic ingredients.  Coming up with things for my honey and little girl to eat and enjoy.  Must are good, occasionally I need to toss something before anyone other than me is subjected to it.  (That would be the hazelnut brownies…bad bad bad) But today  I decided since my hubby loves peach flavors I would try to make him some muffins.  And I can say this…OMG they were sooo good.

I always try to eat at least one to make sure that my cooking isn’t yucky but damn if I didn’t end up eating four of them hot from the oven slathered in butter…they were sooo good.

So Now I have to think, should I really try to put one together.  I know my brownies are popular with hubby’s coworkers and the doughnut bits I have been playing with the kids in the neighborhood (and more coworkers) love.  The batter for making deep friend chicken/turkey strips needs just a hint of salt to be fab.  So who knows, maybe I should put together the 18 or so recipes I have been playing with.

My fiction is moving, if slowly.  A few people are telling me to put out my erotica, my poem videos are getting some notice and I could probably do a poetry book and then there is my photography.  I think I have so much to publish that I could put out things every week and still not clean out all the completed or to be completed files.

I just don’t know.  I like this world of digital publishing but can I make a living at all this?  We need me to help with money.  I just don’t know.


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