Sales and downloads

I am not sure which I should be happier about.  The fact that my stuff is getting downloaded and very occasionally reviewed or the fact the very very nice people have bought and paid for my work.  I was surprised to see Knight Protector finally sold a copy.  Makes me do the silly hamster dance of course.  After all the whole point of putting my work on a for sale site is to see sales.  Yeah I may have only sold under a handful of stuff so far but it is a start.

The weird one is that Gates, the kindle copy, also sold a copy or so but I can’t see how many because while it is a kindle copy it isn’t one I posted up, the publisher did.  So I don’t know if it was one copy or more.  Need to get my publisher to let me have some type of report.

Now I need to figure out how to get Endings on the radar of readers.  It isn’t on Amazon so I don’t have the same boards to play with.  I don’t see discussion boards on Kobo so far.  I know I could have put it on Amazon and will probably put it up there in the fall but I wanted to have it in other places so it didn’t seem I was flooding amazon with my work.
Here is the link to the Kobo

I worked so long on this book that I hope the readers from over on fictionpress will look for it.  I guess maybe if I go over to fictionpress and put in the link it would work.  After all there are still the in process Loralil stories over there.

Now yesterday a friend of mine has convinced me to pull down from the various places I have erotica up and to bundle them into a book (or four) and post them.  After all erotica is selling like hotcakes thanks to the Fifty Shades book.  I hate to jump on a bandwagon but well…we need the money.
And well I can write pretty much any type.  Okay yeah I havent done cowboy stories…I should with my step dad finally cracking open books and reading them fast.  And for anyone who knows him this is a milestone.  The man NEVER read when I was young.  He hated reading and now thanks to old age…and yes 73 qualifies and his medical condition he has discovered a love of books!

Well I need to work and work and work.  So much editing to do on those stories and then covers and deciding where I can post these for sale.  The erotica actually worries me more than my fantasies have.  Erotica can be done so badly and I don’t want to turn off possible buyers of my nonerotic stories.  Because those are my hearts children and I love them like I love my body’s children.



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