A cooler morning

Well it is morning.  Been morning way too long.  Got woke up pretty early today.  Sorta expected the call and visit but 3am?  Relly?  You think they could wait till 6am at least.  Yes it was the authorities coming over to give us an update on what happened to my brother in law but really they just gave my honey some paperwork and a computer link.  so really..3am?
Well means i will be tired as heck come this evening so I should probably get what writing I can done today along with a possible video or three.

My oldest nicely said she would go to Sandy Pond and take pictures for me.  Now this might seem an odd request on my part since I take photos all the time of the creek nearby but it is the focus of the story I am working on right now.  So some images are necessary for the book trailer.  It should be nice and odd if a tad topical.  Ever since reading about the man who drowned there I have had this story swirling in my head and now more than half written.  Gonna be glad when I have this one finished.  It is a good story just coming at a difficult time to focus.
Now Ice is up for free for real today.  A couple of nice people actually paid for copies before the free days. I wish I could send them a big thank you for that.  Anyone who reads my work is a wonderful person, those who review even nicer and those who actually pay for it?  Whoa…gotta be happy for that.  Sales are few and far between at the moment but then I have only just started this after all.
Okay time to decide to do something other than sit here and rub my head.  Going to be an off day for sure.

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