Monday morning

Well another week is starting.  My honey is up and out the door to work, my nine year old is still asleep and the news is on.  Sometimes I do wonder why I watch the news.  Of course today they are still focused on that horrible shooting.  The one that brings tears to all our eyes.  How could anyone shoot a pregnant woman and her six year old child.  How could he shoot a toddler.  I write stories were the evil villains do horrible things but they are stories, not reality.  I am sure he will use an insanity defense and claim that Batman gave him the idea.  But we all know deep inside that no comic book, no book or movie or tv show or song can make you do anything.  Using that as a defense is just wrong and should make the police and jury sit up and take notice.  You can’t use a story told me to do it as a defense.  IT IS FICTION.
Okay long enough rant.  My emotions are a bit wonky today.  The weekend news of my brother in law passing has made me more worried about my own side of the family.  My parents are getting up there, my brother is older than my brother in law was and I have nieces and nephew scattered all over.  Never mind my overworked eldest daughter and my middle daughter.  So many people to touch base with to make sure they are okay.  While modern ways of communicating are great and what keeps me attached to the world, they don’t always work.  When you want to hug your kids and parents but they are all in another country it can hurt in ways that too many know.

Okay I do have to work on the next Harry story.  He is currently meeting with Father John at the rectory and I am not sure where this scene is going.  One of my problems is I plan on one thing and the characters decide to do something else.  I set a goal for myself of getting this one done by the end of the month and I will do it if I have to cram it all in on the 30th.

I am currently debating putting up Which is the Sacrifice.  It is another shorty short that doesn’t quite fit a category.  Yeah it is definitely a fantastic fiction but is is a end of the world/beginning of the next, fantasy,or something else.  What I need is a genre faerie who can tell me this story is officially this type and you should tag it this way.   The cover, which I posted yesterday, didn’t come out too bad.  Not sure if it conveighs what I want but well it is for a shorty short.  Started gathering the images for the trailer so when I get them together I can put the trailer out.

With the estimated heat and humidity feeling like 40 something Celsius (90-100 for the rest of us) I will be having trouble doing much this afternoon.  I find that breathing is no fun when your chest feels like it has a wet blanket pressing you down.  The basement will be my friend for sure.

Whoa this is a long blog today.  Guess I needed to purge.  Well I am going to wait through this afternoon on the Kobo Writing life guys.  If they don’t respond then i will just have to decide if I am still going to post Loralil over there for sale.  I would like to have it out for sale and let her story maybe generate some fans…at least some readers and who knows some sales?  Yeah I need some sales.  Not just one per story but a hundred would be nice.  They say you can’t claim to be an author unless you can pay a bill with a royalty check.  And well I haven’t gotten a royalty check yet, so guess I am just a story teller with weird stories to tell right?

Back to wrestling Harry through his next scene.

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