Kobo, Loralil and early mornings

Well it is before 6am here.  The air is cool and comfy for a bit and no one is up yet.  Yesterday I got the cover for Endings, book one of the Loralil Greyfox saga finished.  That is I got the set up done and my sweet loving hubby did all the cool flares and stuff.  Love having an artist and talented husband.  Took me FOREVER to get what I did done.  Then I went over to Kobo Writing life and tried to get it posted.  I say try because each time I uploaded the file and viewed it in the epub format they want it was messed up.  Only chapter five shows in the table of content and the page breaks got erased or moved.  Argghhhed…drove me nuts.  I will try again today.

Also worked on the book trailer for Partings.  That took a few tries to get it to work right.  Something about Picasa had it taking the final caption and just flashing it instead of showing it.  Annoying but well I expected trouble.

The cover for Partings, while not as fancy as Endings was special for me.  After all that is my daughter on the cover.  I liked it and so did she.  Then I did a quick cover for Sins of the Father.  Nothing really fancy and put it up along with the story over on GoodReads.  Now that is a freebie since it is fanfiction and not original work.

Partings went live for the free download last night and so far one person in Great Britain downloaded it.  That was not expected.  Usually they are one of the last to do that.  So I can’t complain.  I just hope that the US readers and others kick in quick.  It is a shortie short but a fun one.

Okay time to wake the hubby.  And for me to get to work on files.


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