Hotter than heck

Yeah it really is.  I think I am going to have to take the writing into the basement if I plan on getting anything done.  I did make another poem video which is posted on my other page.  Now I could probably make a few more but I just want to sit back and snooze.  So humid all you want to do is ignore the world.

I made sure to do my baking early this morning.  While I love cooking for my family baking is just not meant to be done when it is hot and humid.  So brownies made by 9am…and they stuck to the darn pan!  Not something I have had an issue with in ages.  Gotta go back and figured out what was the problem there.

Well as for actual writing.  Moving harry through this tale is a bit slow.  He is currently face to face with the Mari-morgens.  Now Mari-morgens for those of you who don’t know are a version of a welsh water fae.  They like there Irish Pooka cousins like to drown people.  The two I have in the tale are sisters and not happy ones.  Yeah I reuse legends and faerie stories but I change them up a bit.  So they may seem like the legends but they aren’t really.  Sorta like the troll cousins in Hope Everlasting.  Now if you read that story you would find the trolls, the spider demon, the crow shapeshifters and even my version of the Japanese Kappa.  Just so much fun.

I have been debating a lot about posting up A Bargain with fur.  That story is based on a filk song that I had on a cassette from way back when.  So offically that is a song fic.  Now I could just post it up on a place like GoodReads or Wattpad.  Either of those have a place for no cost stories.  So it might be worth it.  But of course like Loralil and my Suteko fanfiction it needs a good cover and even a little book trailer to move it along with the audience.  So we will see once my honey gets Adobe up and running.  Here is hoping it will be ready for me to go hog wild with covers tomorrow.  We can hope.  It is currently the cover issue holding me back from putting up more work.

And speaking of putting up work I am now signed up to publish over on Kobo.  While my Knight Protector story is up there that is taken from the Smashwords page.  This would allow me to put something directly over on Kobo.  This could be good if it is like Amazon.  It does ask for how I want to be paid so I think it is like Kindle publishing.  We will see of course.

I just worry that once I get this stuff up I will find that no one really wants to pay for my words.  I write stuff that does intrigue people but getting them to pay for it now that is the issue.  I don’t want to be the next Stephen King or Sherrilyn Kenyon but I would like to be able to contribute to the household budget this way.  We will see.  After all I have only been online in the publishing world for two months right?  Takes longer than that for most authors.  So we will see.

Okay I need something cold.  It is soooo hot.  Enjoy the day folks!


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