Typing up the notes

I was a little worried that the fact that I use a smaller notebook for my notes would mean that pages and pages would translate into only a couple of typed pages.  Well it wasn’t that bad.  About a 2 to 1 ratio.  Now I didn’t get all the notes typed up last night.  We needed to do a little bit more work on the machine so I gave it up for the night early.  So I will type up the last of what I am calling “A Watery Grave:”  That is the working title at least.  It rolled out pretty well yesterday but well I haven’t gotten that far into the story yet.

I’m planning on working on a poem video or two today also.  I would love to work on book/story covers but it will be at least Wednesday before I can.  Which is okay.  Let me tighten up the stories they will be attached to before I post them up on Aamzon right.  I should make up series trailers for the other series I think.  Get a teaser out and see if that works.

Well time to get back to writing.


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