I’m back!

Okay I never really left but I have a working desktop with word and other stuff on it now.  Which is important.  I didn’t waste time while was down either.  I have pages of notes to type into the computer and edit.  The new Guardian of the City story is really moving along.  Harry is going to have to deal with a wet and angry pair of sisters.  Should be interesting they let me know their story.

Now I don’t have Adobe quite ready for me to make covers yet.  Should have it by Tuesday or Wednesday and then I can make covers for the stories I need to post.  I have enough that I think I may just go ahead and post them one story at a time.  Of course they are all parts of series.  And we have the name of the series worked out.  They are of course, Guardians of the City, those are Harry’s stories.  Then there will be Death Walks Through.  Death’s stories.  Those are a little darker, more of light horror or ghost stories really.  Thirdly there will be Worlds Apart.  My more science fiction stories.  And then there is Echoes of Elder Times.  Stories that have a more mythic feel to them.  Be they retold myths or something I came up on my own they will have a theme.  Just like Gates did.

Now I added up the downloads so far.  With only three downloaded sales and one paperback sale I guess I should look at how well the free downloads went.

Night and Day 179 downloads

Passing the Torch 137 downloads

One More All Hallows Eve 116 downloads

I could look at those numbers and whimper, after all each consecutive story had less downloads than the one before BUT Hallows actually got four reviews versus the one each of the other two.  And well Gates just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere at all.  With it being all over and the ebook being only 99 cents you would think it would do better.  Six collected stories, which the people who have read my copy loved…who knows?

I will just have to keep plugging along.  I have plans to put more poetry to photo and music, and once photoshop is up and running I can make covers for Sins and Shadows and Loralil.  Get the two fanfics up over on wattpad and Goodreads, give people a taste of my style.  Hopefully hook them in for the original stuff.  Loralil will see the light of day finally.  After all two complete books of work and at least three more in the works?  I have to publish her somehow.

Okay I have babbled enough over here.  Tomorrow I will go over to my other blogs and do reviews of games and movies and tv show.  Stuff I haven’t been up to date on.  At least while the machines were down I got some book reviewing done.  All I can hope is after all the reviewing I did for the past week that the karma faerie gives me some reviews back.  Who knows, they could be good.  Anyone think I should offer more freebees?


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