Time to work on a new tale of the City

Last night as I tried to deal with the heat I got struck with a new idea.  The hot weather that is effecting the whole of North America with lack of rain and hovering humidity has people doing things they shouldn’t.  Reading the online stories from back home gave me the beginning of another story.  Now to decide just how Harry will have to deal with a hot and angry water spirit.  Now if I can get past the first few pages I can hopefully finish this by the end of the month.  Would love to be able to post a story a month.

Once the new updated work computer finally works I can get to making  covers for Loralil and the other tales.  Three sales in three months  isn’t so good but well just getting them out is a good idea.  Do up the covers and make up trailers.  It is fun if nothing else and gives me things to do that isnt cooking, cleaning and mommifying


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