Worked hard yesterday so today work hard again

Okay retyping the whole bloody thing!

I did a lot yesterday.  Finished the read through and edit of Hope Everlasting, edited Partings and sent to writer’s group, made a series trailer for Guardians of the City short story collection, made book trailer for Hope Everlasting, made the cover for Hope Everlasting and other stuff.

Today I will try my best to get editing done on Star Beast.  And then work on coming up with the next steps in Whether to Save Face or Family, Price of Freedom and a few others.  I found the children’s tale, A Dragon’s Quest and I think I will do that in a series of tales called Nana’s Stories.  Fun fantasy stories for kids.  Then I need to sort through the over 300 poems and decide which will work with photos for a new series of music videos.  And if that isn’t enough to keep me busy I can take my recipes and get them down for a possible cook book.


Part of the Guardians of the City collection


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