Time to review again

Yeah why not? After all I don’t just write my stories and play Minecraft…okay so I have done a lot of that lately. I did watch a fun little film with Kaylan this weekend. IT was titled High Plains Invaders. Now I would have probably passed on it till I saw James Marsters in one scene. Been a sucker for him since Buffy.

Well now this was fun. Scared Kaylan a bit but that is expected what with the big four legged space bugs. Set in the wild west you have some interesting stock characters, the drunken sheriff, the scientist who was messing with what he shouldn’t, the bad guy who is really a good guy, the religious nut, the woman who is prejudiced. You get the idea.

The female bounty hunter was all the worse woman doing a mans job despising other woman rolled into one but not badly done. Marters did steal the show but that is kinda expected. He was the A level actor in a mostly B to C level cast but I enjoyed it. The space ship was beautifully done and you didn’t get too up close to it. The aliens were interesting. Only issue with them is calling them bugs. Bugs have six legs not four but it made sense in context. I wouldn’t mind adding this to my keeper pile, if I could find a copy. After all can’t just have the A list movies right?


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