Rollercoaster mood

Okay was going through my discussion groups and getting very depressed.  People who started post their stuff at the same time as me and selling hundreds of copies when all I had was a few free downloads.  Made me wonder if anyone wanted to read what I write.  Yeah I admit that I am not the most confident women in the world.  That I would love having people read and enjoy my work is obviously a big thing for me.  For an hour or so here I had been thinking why should I write if no one reads….but then I go look at my kindle report and one very nice person from Britain bought one of my stories.  Okay yeah it is only one but it is a start  right?  One step begins the journey of our lives as the saying sorta goes.

I swear menopause must be around the corner.  Have been so emotional in the past week.  Up and down and back and forth, with less confidence than ever.  I know i have stories to tell.  So many that I run out of space in my head for them and they spill into whatever computer I have available.  So many stories that need to be told.  I am going to finish as many as life will let me and if no one but me reads them…well I will cry and go back to doing what I have for thirty years.  Write and write and write.

Harry is nearly done.  Getting ready to fight some trolls before getting to the big bads.  I should finish this by my goal of Canada day.  If I buckle down and if Harry does take the reins and go hog wild.  Wish me luck readers.  I need to get this right.


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