Into the home stretch

Well I am working on the confrontation scene between Harry and the big bads.  I don’t know why this part is always so hard.  I know how it will end.  Even have part of the scene worked out but getting the hero in his white hat (okay no hat really) there to save the day can be tricky.   How to get him to there without the villain seeing him coming.  Now I could just have some big spell in the works keeping him from seeing Harry coming.  But then we have the Nasty bad as one of my side characters called the demon.  I think a fight is in the offing and we all know I am weakest in my fight scenes.  Okay and using commas but that is neither here nor there.

I don’t want to be cliche but well when dealing with the big bad can the scene fell right with a bat, no matter how magically enhanced?  Well back to work.  Lets hope I can get this wrapped up soon.  Got to go back to stories for Death walks through soon….or maybe more tales in Nashua.  Who knows?


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