Writing as you melt

Well writing can be done anywhere luckily.  When it gets too hot it is time to take the pen and notebook into the dark and cool basement.  Course it means I have to type up all those notes later and I can’t go back and make sure I didn’t mess up a name while I am making my notes but at least I am not overheated that way.

I am going to have a few upset readers on this story I think.  Definitely had a dark turn, but then I do those so well.  Or so I think.  Now who is really pulling my villains strings?  He or she will be putting in an appearance soon.  Just have to decide exactly who it will be.  Looks like this one will be around 50 pages.  I really don’t know how writers pull off stories over 1000 pages.  Everything I write tends to be short and to the point.  Longest one so far I think is When Shadows Fall at 127 pages approximately.  And that one was tough.  Well we will see.  People will just have to read collections.  Good thing I get on tangents and write a few stories that connect together, even if only thematically.


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