moving right along

Well yesterday I managed to get some writing done again, which is always good .  Need to transfer the pages from my notebook to the computer but that is something I can do after Kaylan is at school.   I think the true villain will show up soon.  I realized as I was writing last night that the story is definitely taking a darker turn.  I have noticed that my longer pieces will have a dark bent to it.  Something to pull the writer through and make them care for the hero/heroine I hope.

Also it is interesting the stuff I am being given to review.  So far two different stories and neither of them had characters that I could like.  The first, while very well written, had misogynist characters and made the women in the story clutching and demanding and out for just one thing, babies.  As a woman that was insulting but the story was well written, so I give the author props for telling a story like that.

The second one, oh my.  A main character who is looking forward to being a drug abuser.  Stealing and talking about abuse but not in a way that makes you want to read his story.  More like you want to call the cops on this guy.  The story does get better in the reading sense but the character stays totally unlikable through out.  There is no sign of remorse for what he is doing or becoming.  While lots of people write from the point of the view of a drug abuser, they don’t tend to have them so positive that their drug abuse is a good thing, there is no sign of remorse or fear or understanding here.  Even if he doesn’t learn there should be some sign of fear or reaction as he comes down.

Now I gave over one of my older tales, Partings, to be reviewed by this group and they did point out that the sentences in this short short are fragments.  Now for a story that was once professionally published that is not a good thing.  I reread it and I can see where I need to take out periods and put in other punctuation.  As I plan on putting this one in a short story collection called “Death walks through” I need to get it to flow better.  It is true that you never stop editing your work, even after it is in print!

Okay time to move out.  Gotta get the kid to school and get some shopping done before the world turns into an Easy bake oven.


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