From Far Away

Decided since I was having stomach pain yesterday to really just kick back and read. Since I have a few (okay more than a few) manga lying around I thought I have time why not reread all of From Far Away.

Okay first thought is why oh why has this not been turned into an anime? The story is solid, the art is OMG beautiful. You have the brooding hero, the clueless heroine, the tough bad guys and the really pretty but much more evil bad guy. You got the comic relief. And of course the quest. Everything needed for a magical style manga. So why isn’t it an anime yet? Could it be that since VIZ currently owns it they can’t, won’t do it? It is too bad. This one is worth it.

14 volumes (somehow I lost number 13!) A great story with art I would love to be able to pull off. You guys should read it. You can definitely get it off of Amazon or Viz or probably in your local Manga shop if you have one.


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