Frogs, Faeries and Loralil Greyfox

Now I was sitting here in my office (okay my living room) thinking about adding other creatures to my story.  I have trolls, okay they are modified, after all city trolls can’t be big monsters like cave trolls or mountain trolls right?  Got a crow shape shifter, one of the good guys, got a version of a banshee.  and have brought in some low level demonoids.  Okay not strong master things.  Just something called up to mess up things.  I have this squirrel like faerie, she was fun to right.  There are a ton of squirrels around my house so they had to be put in.

Now onto frogs.  Thanks to Kaylan’s fascination with the little guys I have taken photos and posted them around.  They are all over in the muddy waters that June makes of streams.  Nashua has a ton of venal pond areas and I could see a sorta frog like faerie living with them.  Especially in places where you would swear that the pond should have dried up because of the heat but hasn’t.  They could have some information like the Squirrelkin did.  Hmmmm…now should i do that?  Yeah we have a stream of consciousness thing going here.

BTW I finally got the Smashwords dashboard to accept the book trailer for The Knight Protector, so you should be able to go see it over there soon.  People are downloading the free chapters but no one is buying.  Why is it that when I charge for my work no one wants to pay for it?  Other than one very good friend that is!  I try to make sure everything is edited properly and that it isn’t too expensive.  Okay I couldn’t help how expensive Gates is but that is the publisher, not me.  But the other stuff goes from 99 cents to $2.99.  That isn’t expensive.  I want to post up Loralil but if nothing sells it would be a waste of effort.

What do you guys think?  If I put together a cover, book trailer and than posted the first Loralil book up do you think it would sell?  After all I have two completed books for the Saga of Loralil Greyfox.    It is pure fantasy, not urban like Night and Day.  Or even Harry’s stories.  What to do, what to do.

So many completed stories.  Yeah I have the five or six over on that are still getting readers after many many years.  I have all the smut over on literotica that has way too many readers but I want my good stuff read.  Stuff that takes time and effort to produce and is a part of me.  Well, maybe I will just keep writing stuff and reading it myself, if no one else wants it.


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