lazy movie day

okay yesterday I was not in the mood to write or read or game. So I decided to watch some movies. Planned on watching something on Netflix but when it needed a long update I pulled out the dvds. Now thanks to a big binder I have a number of my old movies. Flipped through and decided to watch the Saint again.

Forgot how much fun this movie was. I had loved the series way back when and no I didnt’ watch it original broadcast, after all I was not old enough to watch it then. But I think the movie was a fun modernization of the series. The added touch of having Roger Moore doing a little radio bit at the end was just the bit to put it over the top.

Well when that was over the Netflix update was done so I moved onto Dear John. Yeah a chick flick. Yesterday was really a chick flick kinda day. I was Not in a good mood with the whole migraine/nausea thing. While I liked this one quite a bit I wasn’t as good as the Notebook. That is the other Sparks novel made movie I have seen. It was a good thing to watch when you are feeling all emotional and tired though. Interesting bits, the take on the war and on how Autism effects families made it a worthy watch.

Then I decided to watch Water for Elephants. Okay I was not expecting lots since it had Pattenson in it but damn if it wasn’t better than expected. The opening with the old version of his character leading into the younger while a bit cliched now is one of my favorite story telling styles in movies. The period bits were cool. Yeah I am a history buff you all know that but it was just fun. Lots of little things in how life was. Not everyone who ends up homeless even has a clue it is gonna happen. I know the banker in the story should have been shot. What vet who deals with the big animals doesn’t do some of his business in trade? Well I enjoyed it and think half of my friends would have too.

back later with gaming stuff of course


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