Sound tracks of my mind

Now anyone who knows me knows that I tend to listen to a lot of music.  Weird, contemporary, pop, country, just music.  Songs tend to spring ideas into the fertile ground known as my imagination.

But once an idea is started sometimes I have to find the songs that will continue the tale.  Right now there is a Gregorian chant playing in the background.  While good for some things, not sure it will work on Harry.  He is a bit more a good old bluegrassy boy.  Not a gun weilding, I have the right to shoot you for just being in the wrong place knid.  More the life gave me a ton of lemons, drowning in lemonaid type. 

But hey he has a sense of humor for sure.  And a sense of right and wrong.  What else can you ask for in a guardian and hero right?  So I think this next son, Eyes of a Child fits his new job.  Finding the kidnapped child of two eternals.

This should be fun. 


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