Just a start

Since I am getting my voice out there why not another blog right?  After all in today’s world a writer has to flog themselves all over to find readers. 

This one looked interesting and I think I will post up some of my not for sale words here and hope I can spark others to read the for sale stuff. 

But what to post?  Should i put up the fanfiction which has given me a small following?  The poetry, which is odd and not really lyrical? The erotica, that seems to have a LOT of readers but well never is gonna earn me anything?  We will see.  After all it is the web and the more you get yourself out there the more likely someone will read it.

Course having my words up on WordPress and LiveJournal for blogs, on Amazon for kindle short story ebooks, Smashwords for one of my novellas in ebook format and my paperback at both Morebooks.de and
Amazon.com would seem a lot right?

But then i have fanfiction on fanfiction.net and poetry on fictionpress.com and even that other stuff on literotica.com. 

Yeah this is a babble but new blogs make me do that.  I should close this and move onto my other places.  Need to find that elusive name for the villain in my Harry Novella.  What a name?  Harry Novella.  I think the series should be called “The Guardian of Nashua.” or some such.  After all it is set in my old hometown.  A different hometown but still the streets are the same as when I lived there.  So we don’t have trolls or Eternals living at the homeless shelters but they could be.


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