And the name is…..

Okay realized that since I am writing a story set in a real place, why not use a variation off a real family.  The Tamposi’s have owned a good part of Nashua most of my life.  So I thought why not make up a fictional Tamposi who just isn’t happy with his family honor, money and prestige? Outwardly the spoiled rich kid, inwardly the evil schemer who wants to live forever and doesn’t care who he has to hurt to do so.  That can work.

Course considering how I write, he won’t have the skill necessarily to do what he wants.  Could have someone pulling his strings but well that will have to wait till I get to it right?

Yes this is me working out what and how I am going to have this plain vanilla human try to get the magic he thinks he deserves from an innocent third party.  That is where the fun is.


And on another note, this month’s free book, “Passing the Torch” is off to a good start.  Over 100 downloads since it went free yesterday.  Now please folks if you are downloading and reading it, take a moment to write up a review.  I know I am no Stephen King or Sherrilyn Kenyon or Mark Twain (yeah thought I would toss in a ringer) but it helps a writer know people are actually reading if they put up a review.  If it works I will probably put All Hallow up for free next month.  I should hopefully have Harry’s novella almost done by then.  Okay maybe that was wishful thinking but who knows?  Sometimes I can write them fast.  If not I can always put up some of my other work.

If I actually sell some copies of something I will put up “Endings”, the first of the Loralil books. Thirty years on the making but I think she is worth it.  And I have finished the second book in her saga even!



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