Naming Characters or What is too cliche for a villian

Sitting here trying to think of a good name for a character.  At times some of the hardest things to do.  When reading back over other stories I find that I have repeated names from one story to the next without meaning to.  I know baby books are supposed to help with this but I tend to want to name my characters for something specific.  Now baby books will give you the meaning of the name but you look up the name and get the meaning.  I really need one that you can look up the meaning and get a list of names that mean that.  Some place online where I wouldn’t have to hunt a ton of pages to find say Darkest one in Japanese or Cherokee without having to search wiki and a dozen other sights.

My hubby offered me the name Edwin for my newest villain.  Now Edwin is a good name, since this villain is really someone who thinks that he can take immortality from someone and make it his own.  Yeah been done by other authors but I have a different premise for the tale.  Still not sure Edwin would work.  Yeah the bad guy is evil and yeah he is clueless that what he wants can’t happen with the person he kidnapped but well, is Edwin the right name?  It is different than the Daren’s and Derrick’s  I have used but not sure it feels right.

And then the fact that the hero of my tale is the same as one of my favorite characters in another authors work makes me pause. I started writing the original story with my hero long before I read the other stories but will it seem like i am plagiarizing or not?  Really not sure.



2 comments on “Naming Characters or What is too cliche for a villian

  1. First of all, a name is a name, and unless the story is the same, there should be no thought of plagerizing. Secondly, when I heard Edwin, and that he was to be evil, I kinda laughed, Sorry to your hubby on this one, but I just don’t see it, maybe as a henchmen. Also, as an author, if you don’t have faith in a name, it can reflect in the writing.

    • I need a villain name that isnt too villainy because he is really a business man type who has decided he should be immortal…sorta a mafia guy with style

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