Happy Memorial Day!

Well writing is always an ongoing process.  I have been writing stories since I was a young girl but didn’t really write them down as such till I left home.  As you who know me know the first book of Loralil took me darn near 30 years to finish.  Yes it is finished and yes it will be put out for sale soon.  Just waiting for people to respond to what is out there all ready.  After all having every thing I have finished out at once would not be wise I think.

Now I mentioned my fanfiction.  Unlike many I know I have not a problem with a writer doing both fanfiction and original work.  Yeah fanfiction in most cases doesn’t pay you.  Unless you are authorized to write Star Trek/Star wars or any other media tie in book.  Or you are really amazingly lucky and the original author/publisher/company loves your fanfiction so much they buy it.  Now that would be a kick I think!  But then the stuff I wrote fanfiction for has been off the air for a while now.  But back on topic.  I said I would put up links for my old fanfiction.  So here they are.

Sins of the Father, my Ranma fanction


This story was written over 15 years ago and people are still reading it.  Makes me all warm to think people are still willing to read this one.

There are two other complete stories and one partial on that account.    and on a second account over there I have a sort of sequel to Sins that crosses over with Sailor Moon


Also rather popular.  Surprised me.  This one is a wee bit darker than Sins but then when I get a roll on in my stories they get a bit dark.  If you like either of these then I think you would like reading Loralil.

I had so much fun making the book trailers for my stories I am thinking it would be fun to do them for my fanfiction too!


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