Happy Memorial day review

Since it is memorial day I figured why not review superhero movies? After all they are all American (yeah most are) and they are definitely big time right now.

Let’s start with the man Himself, Captain America. Yeah it came out last year and everyone who was anyone commented but this is my blog right?

Loved it. Loved the whole feel of the 1940s. Loved Tommy Lee Jones as the general, just loved this movie. Yeah the villain was a tad cliched but we are talking one of the first superheroes so of course his villain is cliched. There is only so many ways you can write a villain. But to be honest my favorite bit was introducing Tony Stark’s dad. Good to see that Ironman himself didn’t fall far from his father’s tree huh?

And speaking of Ironman, I adore both films. The music was great and the stories better. I know a lot of people thought the second one wasn’t as good but it went more into making Tony seem like a rounded character.

And then there was Thor. Just fun. Yeah not very deep and a few little niggling bits that drove me nuts. After all Marvel plays fast and loose with real mythology don’t they? It is okay though as they are doing fiction not reality. While I would not have made Hymdale a giant black man I think the casting was actually really well done.

I would review the Hulk but well which one? After all the Hulk in the Avengers is not the Hulk of the movies right? And no I haven’t seen the Avengers yet. Which I so want to.

Enough movies for now. Memorial day means that tv is full of movies and specials and I should think about what to review tomorrow. Time to play some more MInecraft I think!


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