Video games

Okay those of you that know me know I am not a HUGE fan of the video game. In the past I thought they were just ways of the male of the species to ignore the female of the species. And now I admit I was wrong! Okay a certain ex will laugh at that but well i found some games I like. My hubby got an Xbox360 a year ago and I have managed to finish off three games and have played a few more. So why not review those too right? It isn’t like I am reviewing brand new crazy gotta have them games but these are still fun.

I started out getting a copy of one of the CSI games. While a little tricky on the controller it was fun. I, being a huge fan of the show, breezed through the five scenes. I am definitely not worth hiring as a CSI but I had fun. I played the whole game in a few days. It wasn’t till I finished that I realized that I had played the whole thing under my hubby’s account, so he got all the achievements and points. 1000 of them! Oh well lesson learned.

Then he got me Fable 2. Oh my not sure that was the best idea. He started out playing it and having me as the side kick. I could bash things to my hearts content but would become like a ghost during the cut scenes. That bugged me so I decided to start up my own game under my account. And I got sucked in deep. I would sneak time in to play the game and so far I have played it through twice and was working on a third. I just couldn’t get enough of the fun.

Then he got my Fable three. You pick up as the child of your last character and have to save the world again. More complicated than the last game but just as addicting. I managed to play through the entire game, only then realizing that I couldn’t complete two of the quests cause I let the city burn. Darn it all I was annoyed at that but I still loved and love that game.

Then he introduced me to Bastion. Oh now this is a creative game. I love the music and the narrator going through and telling the story as you play it. It looks like it should be easy but let me tell you it isn’t. I haven’t managed to big past the giant land gator.

Well I stopped playing bastion to try out LA Noire. Oh I understand why this was a huge game last year. It’s gritty and dark and fun. Take the CSI games, through in Grand theft auto and let it go. I am fine doing the crime scenes, interrogating the suspects, finding the clues but damn driving the cars? I crash all the time. over and over and over. I have taken out other cars, phone poles, hotdog carts. It is crazy but one very pretty ride.

Then I picked up Enchanted arms. When I put it in and started it up I thought it looked annoying and put it back for a day. Then I got bored and said why not. And damn if I didnt’ get addicted to playing it. I haven’t quite finished this one because I am stuck in the God animal section. I can’t get past a certain point and getting back out I just keep dying.

okay I think that is enough for today. Tomorrow I will do some other games, talk about Grimm and Once Upon a Time and all the fun superhero movies that I have seen before I HOPEFULLY FINALLY get to see Avengers.


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