New story in the works

No news on the publishing front.  Still pending over at Smashwords for the wider distribution list and the EBook format for Gates is in the hands of my very nice editor, Hannah.  So I started working on a bit of the backlogged story ideas I have hanging around.  When I went back and looked over all my notes I realized that I probably should be a idea faerie.  I have over 150 stories in various stages of progress.  That is crazy but then my mind does go a hundred miles a minute some days.

Decided to work on a little tale  called Hope Everlasting.  This is another story from Harry’s point of view.  The hero from my Another All Hallows Eve story.  I think this one will be longer.  Not so much a short story as a novelette or novella.  Got through the opening sequence and then I had to go back to a map of my old hometown.  I couldn’t remember the name of the street I had decided Harry lived on.  Well that was fun.  Nashua, while the second largest city in NH, isn’t exactly a mecca.  Now to introduce a few minor characters and get to the gist of what Hope needs Harry to do.  Should be fun.


Now I am also wondering should I put up links for my other work here.  My most popular stories out there are my Suteko Fanfics.  AFter 15 years there are still people reading the original Sins of the Father story.  And as far as I can see the sequel I wrote, When Shadows Rise has a lot of hits.  Do you think putting up notice on the fanfiction sites might drive people to my original fiction and maybe sales? Who knows?


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