catching up on reviews

Yes it has been a looongggg time since I posted anything over here. Getting married, moving to another country, getting published. Things take time but now that I am back i through I would start reviewing tv shows, movies and music. After all I can review books on my other blogs. so here goes.

Lets go back a bit. I recently watched the New version of Clash of the Titans and as fate would have it the next day the original was broadcast on tv.

Now I am a huge fan of the original. Love the story, loved how they made Pegasus look so real and loved Boobo. Yeah the Medusa was a tad horrible and it was a little light in the story telling but it was close to the feel I had growing up to the original Greek tales. The new movie definitely has an edge over the original in special effects, though I think in both Pegasus came off great. It was gritty and I loved the giant scorpions being used as a ride. My trouble with the new movie was how they changed Perseus. The way they portrayed him Zeus would have just smitted him and moved on to the next demigod. And having Hades acting like Satan was just too much. What is it lately with making Hades just another version of Satan? He is the Greek god of the underworld, not the betrayer. Yeah he was upset getting the underworld but he came to grips with having a bigger kingdom than the rest.

Okay enough on that one.

I have watched a lot of other stuff. Decided to do a good old fashioned chick flick and watched the Help. I can see why this movie got so many awards. The story was gripping, the acting was suburb and the setting was good. Okay my only downside is it seems they make a lot of movies about life in the south. We need more good movies set up north. Yeah born and raised a yankee, even if I am living in the great white north now. There are compelling stories set up north that don’t deal with Boston folks. Lets make a few.

Lets see, the Hunger Games. Now I know it was highly praised and adored by tons of teens but well, it wasn’t as good as all that. When it came to the characters I found that I enjoyed the minor characters a lot more than Katniss. Yeah the actress did what she could with the role but well, it just wasn’t the best thing ever. It was like the hype over Twilight spilled over onto this movie. I watched it, enjoyed it for what it was but it wasn’t the best movie of the year by a mile.

Now a movie that did meet the hype in my opinion was War Horse. Okay those who know me know I LOVE horses. Have never owned one and will probably never own one but I love the look of them and the way they move. The story in the movie moved along sharply and was heart wrenching in places. It was a beautiful film.


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