A new Monday

Well Mother’s day is over.  I had a pleasant day.  Both my honey and my youngest made me cards.  Kaylan’s was just as you expect a nine year olds card to be.  Cute and sweet with a little picture of her.  Fox’s was almost professional in quality.  Pictures of dragons, dragon shaped letters and a really sweet comment inside.  In case you didn’t know I love dragons.  Someday I will finish up the children’s story with a little dragon in the lead.  Just gotta find the file somewhere in all these computer things.


Went out for lunch and then just relaxed all day.  Well other than posting on three new writers forums.  Here is hoping someone will read and review my stories so people will notice them.  One of the stories is currently free for prime members on amazon.  I want to post more but well I need some reaction from people before I put up more stories right?


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