Kindle short stories

Well amazon has put all my kindle stories and my book on my author page now.  Thank goodness.  I think the pricing I set up on the short stories is a lot easier for people than the book price but according to my publisher they are working on a kindle edition all ready.  It should be a bit less and easier for people.  Now jut trying to decide if I should wait on posting more or go ahead and post up the books I have finished.  Loralil Greyfox has two complete books and then there is Knight Protector.  That is three novel/novellas plus I have two more short story collections.  It’s too bad my Suteko stories can’t be sold but well they are fanfiction.  Even if they are the most popular of my work.


Making up the covers for the short stories was harder than I thought.  Since I had to use stuff that I have the rights to I had to use some of my photographs.  I know I can do better but well for now simple photos and titles are all I can put together.  I need to play with photoshop.  I used to be able to make some rather nice images.  Lets see if I can come up with better for later releases.




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