Home cooking

Well last night I tried making pizza totally from scratch.  Now that means no buying the crust and just slathering on sauce and shredded cheese.

Shredding the cheese, not so hard.  Okay I let Fox finish that for me as the last time I got down to a small bit of shredding I shredded my thumb but I made the crust.  Not perfect, I admit but! not bad either.  Not a soft, springy crust like you would get from Domino’s, no cheese in the crust but it tasted good if it did need just a tad less cooking.  Lots of fresh veggies and pineapple.  Okay I forgot the meat.  I had the ham on the counter, all ready to dice up and put on and then whoops!  All but one slice got eaten right away and I think once Kaylan is up that last piece will go.

Doing a lot of cooking.  Heck I am getting to the point I should just put together all my recipes I think.  Maybe post them up?  Could be interesting.


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