I’m published!

Since I am now published it is time to actually start blogging I think.  It has been both the most amazing and hardest thing so far.  Knowing how to get the word out there for my work is not easy.  Now I am on pins and needles till someone actually buys my book.  I am so hoping that it will happen.  I know people read my stuff but that has mostly been the free stuff on the web.  People read and rarely comment there.  So here is hoping.  I know I write interesting stories and i know I torture my characters but well someone needs to read and let me know what I should do more.

I put up a short story under the self publishing Kindle section.  Putting that up taught me a bit.  Like you need a cover if you want any reaction.  And making your own cover takes a different mind set than writing.  Lets hope I can pull this off.


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