Cooking on a hot day

Well for my first blog what to put I thought?  Well since I am making banana muffins with a twist I figure I can blabble about those.  It isnt like I will have readers here right?

Some recipes are so easy.  Right until you realize you are missing one ingredient and then you got to find a substitute.  I just hop I didn’t do it wrong.

And I figured what the hey?  Since I am mostly likely the only one to east these I will throw some chopped cashews in with one pan of them and see how they taste.  It is a mild experiment but I will have to see how they taste.  Not something I do when I have Ruthann here but as Kaylan is outside and Ruthann and Fox are working I can be silly and experiment.  Course my monkey and my sweetie will probably eat them anyways.  Gotta love my husband and daughter.  Course I wish Meg and De could try them too.  It is too bad sending food across borders isnt exactly legal right?

Well they are smelling almost done.  Gotta mix up the batter for the biscuits for dinner.  Gonna make a glazed ham, garlic potatoes (another experiment) and some type of veggie.  Not sure what yet.

so enough for a first post here.


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