I have recently got Digital cable with on demand movies….this is a BAD thing *GRIN*

Lets see…to start some of the older movies we watched over the past week

Snow Falling on the Cedars

what can I say? A movie about prejuctice and possible murder set in the 1950’s in the Pacific Northwest. A gripping story with the flash backs to earlier times. It was a pleasure to me to see a movie that focused on the other races in this country who have had to deal with the American Justice system. While is it set 50 years ago this movie could very easily show how we are dealing with the innocent people of a ethnicity that has been demonized.

So I married an Axe Murderer

who need sto review a Mike Myers film? As always funny, fillded with characters and just a joy to watch. Had a twist at the end I wasnt expecting. I good movie to watch with the older kids.

Mr Wrong

Ellen Degenerus as a straight woman engaged to a pyscho…enough said. It was odd, confused but hysterical in places. I wouldnt have paid for this one but for a free movie…it is worth the watch.

the Cable Guy

Jim Carrie…we know that Mr Carrie is an on and off actor…this was okay..but it was an off performance in my oppinion. In the category of his annoying characters. My daughters loved it but well…I could have lived without this one.

Now for some paid for movies

Pirates of the Carribean, Dead’s Man chest

Do I really need to review this one? Asthe box office has shown this is a great movie. Fast paced, funny in places, truely amazing in others. The special effects were totally awesome. My favorite scene was with the sailor who had become a wall fixture pulling from the wall to talk to Will about the Chest and Key and seeing the brain coral that was his brain. The details are just amazing. The only complaint came from my oldest who HATES cliffhangers…she didnt know going in it had a cliff hanger ending. All in all a family film. Even my three year old was enthralled


Now for those of you who dont know this little film it is an animated film with a ton of star voices. Cute with a moral, this is a film I would recommend for parents of littles. Not much ofa story for hte older kids what keeps them watching it all the pop culture referrences. I didnt mind paying $3.99 so that my little one could sit and relax for a two hour stint.

Date Movie

Oh yes this was fun. Filled and I mean filled with references to other movies. So very funny and oh the femme fatale they threw in to put a monkey wrench in the heroines wedding plans. Definately glad my middle child badgered me into watching it. I enjoyed it.

Harry Potter 4

Chapter 4 inthe series that made Fantasy films accesible to the masses. In the opinion of my Potter fantic, the best of the movies. Having as we all know the first of the characters to die, this was dark but so very good. As always the effects are great. The dragons so very real looking. One that I will be buying one of these days.

King Kong

Another big big movie. The most recent remake of the Classic movie, this time the love story has more focus. While the special effects in scenes like the fall to the crevice with the GIANT bugs is almost too much to watch, the scene of Ann and Kong playing is amazing. The facial features of Kong showing his anger and sadness is truly awe inspiring. Close to the classic story this was well worth the cost of a on demand rental.

The Producers

I wasnt expecting this to be as good as it was. After all I had seen the original and loved it. Mel Brooks after all. I could hear the ghosts of Mel and Gene Wilder in this modern tellng of the classic. I was very glad I rented this one. The story was just as funny in this retelling as I remembered.

Now for the new Steven King miniseries

Nightmares and Dreamscapes

Oh my…Steven King does Twilight zone. Definately worth watching. so far four episodes have aired. The first on “Battleground” was VERY Twilight zone…or maybe outerlimits..A hitman who finds out why one should not kill the toymaker…my oldest just could not watch it. The second “crouch End” why you should listen to the natives when they say..dont go there…the Third, “The End of the Whol” a docudrama on why humans need aggression to survive and finally “Umney’s Last Case” about a writer who decides he needs to take over his characters life and let his character take over his. I am gonna have ot get all of these on disk at some point. These are sorta the lighter side of Steven King

and lastely

VI Warshawski

Katherine Turner as a hard boiled female gumshoe. Fun movie for us girl types to watch. A good watch for a rainy afternoon. Very 80s tryign to do a 50s style but heck I had fun watching it and the kids enjoyed it to.

Okay enough movies how about a book

Cell by Steven King

Okay yes I am reading Steven King. And my this has the flavor of the Stand with its own horrific story. The Pulse that reboots the minds of anyone who is on a cell phone. If that isnt scary enough then have those minds start to “flock” together and bring in a character known as the Raggedy Man…and you have a Steven King sotry that we all know will become a miniseries.

okay enough for tonight…more when I get my book list together


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