Hey I can review things here

you know everyone does different things on their blogs so why not do a book/movie/anime review in mine? After all I do read/watch a lot of stuff. So till I can find another place for these I will just review what I read and watch.

So lets start with my never ending addiction…books

The Cat who Talked Turkey
by Lillian Jackson Braun

In this installment of the logn running Cat books the spiffy gentleman Qwilleran does a recreation of the Big Storm. Ths particular volume seems to be more about filler than the murder mystery. I fun if really light ride. something to fill a few hours if you are bored.

now some movies

First took the kids to see Cars this weekend. Oh boy was that a lot of fun. lots of fun characters for the little ones, lots of fun music for the middles and lots of fun jokes for me and other parents. One thng to watch for…cow tipping! defiantley a full family hit. Worth going to in the theatres

Now for the ones I bought on DVD

First up we got the Brothers Grimm. This was a pleasant romp through the grimmer side of the fairy tales. Matt Damon and Heath Ledger..eye candy for sure. Damon pretty much played the character type I expected for him. The cute, funny lady’s man out for what he can get. Ledger surprised me. At first I didnt think it was him. I see a good long career for Ledger because he can do more than a two dimensional character…I know a little late to say after Brokeback but hey I havent seen that one yet. I am glad i bought this one. Teh effects work fine on the small screen.

Secondly we bought From Hell with Johnny Depp. Yup this is a Depp movie. Dark, brooding and determined…what he does best. An interestng take on Jack the Ripper for sure. When I had heard about Depp in a Ripper film I was hoping he wasnt gonna be playing the serial killer. The revelation wasnt too much of a surprise when it happened but the lead up and the reason for the killings was …interesting to say the least.

And now for the anime/manga

I have started picking up a lot of manga lately and by and far the best so far has been From Far Away. I have the nine issues that have been translated and I can honestly say I am hooked. The art is beautiful, the characters are three dimensional and the story moves along. Okay sometime the sheer variety of characters can get a tad confusing but it is easier if you read them all at once and not separated by weeks. I am impatiently waiting for the last three to be translated. Pick it up if you can and read it …you wont be disapointed.

Over the weekend I got the first disk of Mystery Decective Loki Ragnarok. While the first ep seemed a little silly the other three on the disk got better as they went along. Using Netflix to check out was a good idea. Now I know I can get the series, this is gonna be a keeper.


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