Another morning

Argh…why do littles get up so early. Come on I like sleeping in on my days off! *chuckle* well another morning another viewing of Mermaida. What you ask is that? It is the new CGI movie of Barbie…and isnt a commerical for is actually a sweet little tale about friendship and doing the right thing. Actually pretty well told and animated and while aimed at littles, as in 3-5 year olds, not a bad story. Certainly easier to watch than say Barney.

Course I am spoiling her a bit. Poor thing got a big old bump on her head friday. Day care had her looking like a solider from the war with the banage wrapped around her head. Luckily she has her father’s skull. Just a goose egg that is shirnking down nicely but she now has a big bruise and a scrapped up nose to go with her split lip from last week. What is a mom to do?

Well another poem is in my head sorta…I have written about my youngest and my oldest..time to give the middle a shot at poetic fame right?

Once a little kitten
now a strong tiger you are
lashing out when annoyed
so very often lately

Once a happy playful kitten
open as the sky
now the master of sarcasm
with claws you rarely hide

Angry at times for reason
others for none at all
relax lady tiger
you will always have your home

Defensive of your family
yet fighting them all the time
try a little peace my kitten
everything is all right

argh…that one isnt right…oh well


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