well what do you know?

Well seems life is tossing a bone to my sweetie…a new job and a winning streak at his favorite game. Now maybe things will get better for the sweet guy. Don’t know why I am holding my breath though. I mean usually when something good happens something bad happens. Here is hoping we are in for true winning streak.

After being engaged for five years and having a child who is now 3 1/2 it would be great if we could be together. Guess we will see after this month is over.

What happened to the me that used to be optimistic? Has all the pain and humiliation over the past 4 years paid for a little security and maybe a little of life’s pleasures? We shall see wont we?

Okay now how about another sorta poem?

Summertime is coming
I can feel it in the air
see it in the light
yet another summer coming

Soon the kids will be free
9 weeks of play and fun
almost three months to do
practically anything they want

I miss those long ago days
when summer was still fun
now it is just another day
with too much to be done


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